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-Akrapovic eksos; BMW M8/Competition F91/F92 (OPF/GPF) '20

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Nyhet - kommer!
Akrapovic eksos og diverse karbon utstyr (se bilder) til BMW's nye flaggskip.
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Se også produsentens egen beskrivelse av EVO anlegget til M8 modeller uten partikkelfilter;

Constructed from high-grade lightweight titanium alloys, the Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system has been perfectly tuned to deliver the very best aural experience in all driving modes. Through extensive testing and development, the Akrapovic sound engineers have coaxed a deep, sporty, higher-frequency V8 sound from the cars turbo engine, more akin to that of a muscle car, while keeping it smooth and eliminating any drone that might hamper the enjoyment. The full titanium exhaust system is finished with two sets of carbon-fibre / titanium tailpipes coming from a central muffler layout featuring two valves, one located on either side of the muffler. The housings are cast in-house in the Akrapovic foundry, and there is a cast collector on the link pipe, where gases from both sides of the engine mix, all designed to create a perfect sound. This plug-and-play exhaust system can be further regulated with the addition of the Akrapovic Sound Kit to control the valves in the exhaust and switch between the sound modes. Further visual enhancements can be achieved with the addition of the optional hand-made carbon-fibre diffuser and mirror caps, available in matte and glossy finishes to provide an eye-catching accompaniment to match the Evolution Line (Titanium).

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