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-Akrapovic eksos; BMW X3M/Competition (F 97) '20

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Varenummer: 511-BM-105
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Slip-on eksos som gir massiv løft i lydbildet for denne bilens del - nettopp det som mangler. Linkrør og trådløs lydkontroll som ekstraustyr.
Mars 2020: en priside for komplett slip-on system inkludert karbon eller titan enderør er kr 52.500 levert vårt lager i Oslo.
Se produsentens egen text;

Manufactured to exacting specifications from high-grade titanium - with parts cast in Akrapovic' in-house foundry - this system utilises lightweight materials to reduce overall vehicle weight and optimize power and torque through the entire rev range. Meeting ECE type approval, the design of the system fully adapts to the lines of the car, and the single-muffler layout with four superb hand-crafted carbon-fibre round tailpipes give a distinctive look to the rear of the car. Various sound modes add to the experience, with a sporty and animated roar from the six-cylinder engine when the revs rise, and a more pleasing experience in comfort mode.
Tail pipe set (Carbon) has to be ordered separately as a mandatory part. Please choose TP-CT/59 for X3 M / Competition model.
An optional Akrapovic Sound Kit is available to control the various sound settings, and optional tuning opportunities exist through the addition of the titanium Evolution Link Pipe set. As with the Sound Kit, fitting the Link Pipe will negate the ECE type approval.
For installing the slip-on system, the stock exhaust system has to be cut. Please read the instructions carefully before the start of the installation.

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